NGO Committee on the Status of Women

The Vienna NGO Committee on the Status of Women (NGO CSW Vienna), accredited at the United Nations Office in Vienna, was founded in 1982 and works on a voluntary basis on both national and international levels. The Committee is comprised of around 40 international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with a focus on women’s issues. The Committee’s main purpose is to facilitate the activities of its member organizations in promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women. It acts as a forum for the exchange of information and views on matters of common interest and coordinates the drafting of joint statements to UN agencies and commissions including the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

The Board

Executive Committee for the term
2024 – 2026


Evelyn Dürmayer

International Association of Democratic Lawyers

1st Vice Chair

Christiane Ugbor 

Afrikanische Frauenorganisation

2nd Vice Chair

Elisabeth Francis

Graduate Women International


John Clark

World Union for Progressive Judaism

Deputy Secretary

Marion Prechtl

Soroptimist International


Annemarie Weinzettl

Pax Romana

Deputy Treasurer

Ceja Gregor-Hu

International Inner Wheel

Highlights of 2023

Information Day at CSW67 on March 7th

Bridging the gender gap in the rural mountainous regions: digitalization as a challenge with experts from Eurac Research, FAO, from Austria, Italy and Albania moderated by Harald Egerer responsible for UNEP at the UN Vienna

Side event during the 32nd CCPCJ session

Under the auspices of the government of Honduras represented by her Excellency Elena Maria Freije Murillo: Gender-based violence and rethinking the definition of torture with Manfred Nowak, Sven Pfeifer and Carla Ferstman on 25th May 2023 moderated by Anna Alvazzi del Frate, chair of the Aalliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice.

Yasmeen Lari - Architecture for the future

Visit of the exhibit of Yasmeen Lari at the Museumsquartier, the first woman architect in Pakistan.


  • Promote gender equality and mainstream women’s issues in the work of the UN
  • Monitor implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, in particular SDG#5 on gender equality and women’s empowerment
  • Participate in the UN Commission on the Status of Women, submit statements to its sessions, disseminate related documents, and support the activities of UN Women
  • Advocate for women’s issues with UN Member States’ missions
  • Consult with subject matter experts and provide the expertise and experience of our member organizations to UN agencies
  • Follow meetings and disseminate information on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)
  • Follow the work of the Vienna-based UN commissions and agencies, in particular the work of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, and Commission on Narcotic Drugs, and the activities of the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), UNEP, UNCITRAL, UNOOSA,UNODA, CTBTO PrepCom, other international associations located in Vienna like FRA, OSCE and cooperation with Universities and Research Institutes.
  • Submit statements and disseminate information.
  • Participate in drafting documents and reports on women’s issues.
Commission on the Status of Women established by ECOSOC
CSW Sessions
Foundation of CSW in Vienna