Side event during the 32nd CCPCJ session

Under the auspices of the government of Honduras represented by her Excellency Elena Maria Freije Murillo: Gender-based violence and rethinking the definition of torture with Manfred Nowak, Sven Pfeifer and Carla Ferstman on 25th May 2023 moderated by Anna Alvazzi…

CSW67 Written Statement

Innovation and technological change and education in the digital age for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls Digital technology is a necessity in public and private life all over the world today,bringing significant opportunities as…

Information Day at CSW67 on March 7th

Bridging the gender gap in the rural mountainous regions: digitalization as a challenge with experts from Eurac Research, FAO, from Austria, Italy and Albania moderated by Harald Egerer responsible for UNEP at the UN Vienna​

CSW66 Written Statement

NGO CSW Vienna Written Statement to 66th Commission on the Status of Women  Gender justice and climate justice are inextricably linked. Systemic and intersectional  discrimination against women and girls threatens their human rights to life, food, water,  health, education, livelihood…